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Loose Vagina – What are the Causes and How to Re-tighten it

What are the causes?

A loose vagina is a problem of women, young and old, who have already given birth. The same is true for those who are going through menopause. A vagina may also get stretched if you have a very active sex life, especially with different men.

The effects

gagfaasgfasA lot of women are worried about having a loose vagina. This is because a big percentage of men prefer a tight vagina for best sexual experience. Additionally, women with a tight vagina will be able to experience increased feelings during sexual intercourse.

One of the main disadvantages of not having a tight vagina is delayed orgasms. A woman whose vagina is loose may not enjoy sex, while some may not have orgasms at all.

However, there is nothing like a good vagina size because we also have men with big and small penis. This means it might be hard to tell what causes a vagina to become loose.

The following are some signs of a loose vagina.

  1. You can no longer achieve an orgasm.
  2. It is hard to satisfy your sex partner.
  3. It is very possible to insert big objects into your vagina.
  4. You only get roused by inserting more than three fingers or big objects into your vagina.
  5. When your vagina cannot close completely even when not aroused.
  6. When you cannot hold your vagina with your index finger.

A loose vagina has numerous problems including lesser sensitivity and diminished sexual pleasure. Another issue associated with it is urinary incontinence. This is when a vagina cannot control urine due to the loose muscles.

Methods of re-tightening a Vagina

Luckily, there are many ways being used to re-tighten a vagina. If you want to tighten your vagina, you can choose tightening creams, vaginal exercises or go for vaginal surgery.


Vaginal tightening creams are herbal ingredients. They do not produce side effects. You only need to use the cream before having sex. The cream will also help to get rid of bad odor. It is also a lubricant. The good thing about tightening creams is that they display the results after a short period.


You can also opt for vaginal exercises such as Kegel exercises. These exercises include muscle relaxing and contracting. The exercises make the vagina tighter over a period of time.


zgfsagfasasgsaasYou can also choose surgical method to tighten your vagina. However, this method is very complex and has many shortcomings. It can even cause blood clots. The other weakness of surgery is that your vagina may become loose again after giving birth.

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